Days on the Tree

Family History and Stories


We are Family

Delbert and Helen Day had 7 kids, 12 grandkids, 19 great grandkids, and (of course) our family is still growing.  One of the things that binds us together is our ancestry.  Those that came before us have rich stories that we all share.


History Comes to Life

Knowing our stories means we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.  We are part of the past and part of historical events.  We can pass on these stories to our children and grandchildren.

an easy way to know

From Our Family Tree


Our ancestors first came to America in 1628. We have records that show the immigration of 13 different families over three centuries and from 5 countries.

Revolutionary War

Six of our ancestors fought as American rebels against the British. And four of them fought in some pretty famous battles.

Civil War

Five Union Army volunteer soldiers in our family, each with a unique story and war experience. One tale has so many twists and turn that it would make a good movie!

Ancestor Trivia

There are many fun facts about our ancestors.  Sometimes genealogy is just dates and names. This is a way to bring those facts to life and to know a little bit more about our heritage.

the documents don’t lie

Research Rocks

So, how do we know all this?
We search through the documents that our ancestors left behind: Census records, birth, marriage and death records, wills, land purchases.
And then we piece it all together.