From Where?

We have deep roots in America from ancestors who came from Europe.

Let me start with a disclaimer. We don’t know where ALL of our ancestors sailed from. Sometimes the records have been lost, sometimes they haven’t been digitized yet, and sometimes we aren’t even sure who the ancestor was, because we hit a brick wall before we ever get back that far. But, the exciting part, is that we have identified many of our immigrant ancestors.

Day Family

What is interesting is that the Day Family has deep roots in this country that go back nearly four centuries to 1628:  Ancestors from England, Wales, Ireland and Germany.

North Family

On the North side of the family, we found some English and Irish roots that date way back. We knew about the immigrants from Bohemia who settled in Nebraska.

Immigration Timeline

The Immigrants on the Day side of the Family

William Sprague

From Upway, England


aboard The Abigail

to Salem, Mass

Anthony Day

From Aberavon,Wales


to Gloucester, Mass

Chad Brown

From High Wycombe, England


aboard The Martin

to Boston, Mass

Thomas Barnum

From Kent, England


to Connecticut

The Immigrants on the McAninch side of the Family

Thomas Skidmore

From Gloucestershire, England


to Gloucester, Mass

Phillip Carl Schenckel

From Edenkoben, Germany


Aboard the Ketty

to Philadelphia

Daniel McAninch

From Northern Ireland


to Pennsylvania

The Immigrants on the North side of the Family

George Maris

From Bromsgrove, England


aboard the Bristol Comfort

to Pennsylvania

John Mendenhall

From Mildenhall, England


to Pennsylvania

Alphonsus Kirk

From Lurgon, Northern Ireland


to Jamestown, VA

James Cooper

From England


ultimately, settling in 


Hroch Family

From Bohemia


to New York
and then on to Nebraska

Melichar Family

From Bohemia


Aboard the Rhein

to New York
and then on to Nebraska