Hey there, I'm Shannon

and I love doing genealogy research. It’s detective work that I find challenging and (most of the time) very rewarding. But then, I realized that names and dates only fill the blanks in the family tree. Each of those people have a life story to tell, so I started a blog that tells our ancestors’ life stories.  Taking it one step further, I designed this website to provide an easy way to see the highlights of our family tree. 

Days on the Tree - the Essentials

Building this Website

This website is designed to give our family an quick and easy way to see the highlights in our family tree. I have started with my grandparents, Delbert Day and Helen North Day. If you are related to either one of them or both, then these are your stories too. If you are only related on one side of the family, I have used sub-headers to make sure that you can see which side of the tree we are talking about.  

What did we find?

We all want to know where we come from. Our Ancestors came from England, Wales, Ireland, Germany and Czech Republic. We have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. But no direct ancestors fought in World War I or World War II.

Doing the Research

I started researching our family tree in 2009, and I continue to find new information all the time. We always want to make sure that we are following the correct branch of the tree. All the information is carefully vetted and comes from the paper trail that our ancestors have left behind: birth, marriage, and death records, land purchases, wills, and US census records. 

DNA Testing

My DNA results have helped with my ancestry research so much!  The results confirm that we have identified the correct people, and sometimes help get us back to the next generation.  

Building a Family Tree

It’s hard to imagine, but 9 years ago, there was a lot we didn’t know about our family.  My sister started a family tree on Ancestry.com and asked me to collaborate.  We knew the names of our great grandparents, Clyde and Mamie and also Fred and Emma. But we didn’t know anything about generations that went back further than that.  We weren’t even sure how to spell McAninch or Hroch.

Now the Family Tree is firmly established.  For instance, on the Day side, we know that our 9 times Great Grandfather is Anthony Day born in 1616 in Wales. 

As you can see on the pedigree chart (on the right), there are some styling choices that I have made: When I have a photo of a family member, I use it.  When I don’t, I use the state (or country) flag of their birth.  And when we have DNA evidence, I put an @ sign next to their name (2nd great grandparents and further back)

Our family tree is on ancestry.com and is available for anyone to see, free of charge. Let me know and I will send you an invitation.  By the way, living people are not visible to the public on ancestry.com.  They are only visible to the family tree creator and anyone he/she gives permission to.  If you have an ancestry.com subscription, find the family tree using my user name: treeday.

Family tree

The Family Tree is built on Ancestry.com and includes over 2500 family members.

Telling Detailed Stories

Family Stories on the Blog

There are over 70 Family Stories on the Blog.  It’s an in-depth look at our ancestors’ lives.

After I had found the names for our ancestors, I wanted to know more about their lives. So after doing a ton of research, I started a blog in 2014. Each entry is the life story of one family. In some cases, I was able to obtain the military service record for one of our great grandfathers, which gave me an enormous amount of detail about their service.  In other cases, I was able to find newspaper articles that shared the human-side of their lives: an marriage announcement, an obituary, a crime. 

As of now, I have completed 70 blog posts, and I have many more ideas for future posts. Their stories are categorized.  Simply search for Delbert’s Ancestors or Civil War, or Immigrants, etc. to find what you are interested in. Read their stories at OurFamilyTreeTales.blogspot.com

Day Family Website

Building a Website

Now I’ve started my own company, Bazi Day, and I build websites for clients.  So of course, I want to build websites that my family will find useful and will share with any one who is interested.

Part of what took me so long to get this website finished, was doing more and more research.  While I was working on the website, I figured out and confirmed that our 2nd great grandfather was William Kirk North.  That led to multiple generations of information.  I was sure of my research, but I have to admit, when I got DNA confirmation…I was ecstatic!

What Else Would You Like to See?

I started with the immigrants and the soldiers and some trivia. But we could add so much more to this site.  I’m thinking about the life stories or obituaries for some of our relatives that we have lost more recently.  Let me know, and I’ll be happy to add it. 

Careful of protecting identities

As you may notice, there are no living people listed anywhere on this site. That is to protect identities and to preserve privacy.  


Family history Website

The Website is our Day Family History — at a glance. 

Contact Me:

  • To request an invitation to view the family tree on ancestry.com.  (It’s free!)
  • To ask a question, or add information to our family tree!